Download / Upload Issues Tuesday 14th April 2020 22:48:00

Downloading / Uploading isn't working correctly.

Those issues are related to our hosting provider.

We expect a fix within the next few hours!

All issues should be fixed now.

The hosting provider confirmed that the issue should be fixed now.

You may experience some slower downloads for the next hour, so please stay patient until our service fully recovers.

The issue is still not fixed by the hosting provider...

We're still waiting for an update of the status.

The hosting provider just told us, that the issue should be fixed by the end of this weekend.

Sadly there is no update from the hosting provider.

We're still seeing a high number of aborted downloads, which leads us to the conclusion that the problem isn't solved yet.

The hosting provider is still working on fixing the issue.

We expect a fix within the next 12 hours.

Unfortunately the issue isn't fixed yet.

Also there is no up-to-date ETA from the provider, yet.